80 at Pioneer Beagle Club

 AKC Licensed SPO on Rabbit

May 17th & 18th, 2008

Reported by Jim Evans

 Pioneer Beagle Club held their Licensed Trial May 17th & 18th, 2008 with the following results. Thank you to our judges and marshals for their fine work both days. Also the kitchen crew who kept us fed. The rabbits came easily once again this year. The members would like to thank everyone who supported our trial; hope to see you next year!


13” Males – Judges: John Jarzynski- & Stan Carpenter 14 Starters

 1st – Main Man Tucker; Main Man Willie R x Rosser’s Miss Patti; Breeder – Dennis P. Rosser; Owner – Mike Johnson; Handler – Jay Long

 2nd – Slicker’s Nobody Out Nemo; FC Slicker’s JoJo x G and J’s Kayla; Breeder – Jeffery Sherman; Owner/Handler – Gary Slick

 3rd – J-Line Bull Dozer; FC Dublin’s Blurock Smokey x FC Riverveiw Alice; Breeder – Chris Sinsky Owners – Jay Long & Eddie Gooch & Gino Casseri; Handler – Jay Long

 4th – Brinskys High Steppin Stomper; FC Brinskys Run – Em – Over Tank x FC Rabbit Town Cinderella; Breeder – Marshall Sparks; Owner – Gino Casseri & Dan Brinsky; Handler – Gino Casseri

 NBQ – Slicker’s Infield Fly Floyd; FC Winter Street Goit x FC River Run Little Reba; Breeder – David Dottridge; Owner/Handler – Gary Slick


 15” Males – Judges- John Way & Mike Johnson 33 Starters

 1st – Kotchs Moss Glen Shooter; FC Fam’s Mountain View Bruno x Hunters Creek Speck; Breeder – CF Minchhoff; Owner – John Kotchmar Jr.; Handler – Philip Milici

 2nd – Artic Tramp Farmer; FC Mr Maravic’s Mr Stbs Timer Jack x Dees Windsor Little Star; Breeder – Martin Kelly & Kevin Gorman Jr.; Owner/Handler – Carl Altemus

 3rd – Shongo Valley Trackmaster General; FC Brinskys Run–Em–Over Tank x FC Shongo Valley Lots-O-Dots; Breeder/Owner/Handler – Joe Tascone

 4th – Harmony Hills Buster; FC Burdette’s Little Darwin x Precious Springs Penny; Breeder – Gregory Dorsch; Owner – Ronald & Marta Gouger; Handler – Ronald Gouger

 NBQ – Boondacks Brandy’s Bruno; FC Fam’s Mountain View Bruno x Boondacks Brand; Breeder – Leo J. Shannon Jr.; Owner/Handler – Lanna K. Carey


 13” Females – Judges – Rodney Cole & Shawn Snow 13 Starters

 1st – Barretts Lackawanna Little LuLu; FC Preacher Brook Charlie  x Lipkos Lackawanna Lacy; Breeder – John Lipko; Owner/Handler – Kevin Barrett

 2nd – Willow Creek Lilly; Hunter Creek Stormy x FC Willow Run Beezie; Breeder – Philip Milici; Owner – Don Arnold; Handler – Bill Dunn

 3rd – M&A’s Shady Lady Cleopatra; FC Backcountry Moving Maxwell x Shady Lady Libby Girl; Breeder – Gino F. Casseri III; Owner – Mark & Amanda Aubert; Handler – Mark Albert

 4th – Adirondack Mountain Nika; FC Speedy Sport  x FC Adirondack Mountain Chloe; Breeder/Owner/Handler – Perry Piacentino

 NBQ – M&A’s Patty the Punisher; FC Cross Roads Carter x M&A’s Shady Lady Cleopatra; Breeder – Mark & Amanda Aubert; Owner/Handler – Mark Aubert


 15” Females  - Judges: Kevin Noody & Kyle Pangrazio 20 Starters

 1st – Five Point’s Misty; FC Adirondack Mountain Keno x FC Alder Creek Moonlite Mystery; Breeder – Vince & Joe Lombardo; Owner – Frank Aquino; Handler – Joe Lombardo

 2nd – Jonesbrook Boomer Dolly; FC Hacksaws Boy Boomer x Jonesbrook Moe’s Diamond; Breeder/Owner/Handler – Donald Jones

 3rd – Brimmer Brook’s Bailey; FC Branko’s Proper Baron x FC Back Country Heather; Breeder – Arnold Aldinger; Owner/Handler – John Depew

 4th – Wintersong Abbey; Olivia’s Tipper x Redwoods Lacey Lu; Breeder – Jeff Wood; Owner/Handler – Jack Frank

 NBQ – Jonesbrook Boomer’s Sasha; FC Hacksaws Boy Boomer x Jonesbrook Moe’s Diamond; Breeder/Owner/Handler – Donald Jones



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