Pioneer Licensed Trial 2009


 Pioneer Beagle Club held their SPO Licensed Trail on May 16th & 17th in Mumford New York.  As always thank you to our members for their help in the field, our kitchen crew for great breakfasts & lunches, our incredible slate of judges, and especially all the beaglers who made the trip to make our trial so successful!  Hope to see everyone next year.

13“ Male Class - 17 Starters

Judges – Ralph Harrington & George Beagle

 1st – Flat Creek Bustin Loose Bandit, FC Flat Creek Jeter II x FC Dreamfield Black Satin, Owners: Gino Casseri, Dan Brinsky, Phillip Kallam & Eddie Gooch,

Handler: Gino Casseri

2nd- Delly’s Virgil Lil, FC Flat Creek Leroy x Tar River Dana

Owner: Eddie Gooch, Jim Crosby & Gino Casseri, Handler: Gino Casseri

3rd-Cabin Fever Andy, FC Whispering Pines Rusty x Cabin Fever Candy,

Owner/Handler: Gary Slick

4th-Higher’s Winchester, FC Higher’s Winston Cup x Jimmy’s Ground Zero Cindy,

Owners: Kenneth McNeill & Keith Hill, Handler: Keith Hill

NBQ-Hollow Points Remington Sport, FC Steins Speedy Eddie x Shady Lady Magdeline, Owners: Jim and Jodi Moore, Handler: Cody Whiting


15” Male Class-28 Starters

Judges- Kevin Noody & Kyle Pangrazio

 1st-Harrington’s Game Finder, FC Thorn Hilltops Rabbit Tune Singer x FC Chester’s Little Julie, Owner/Handler: Greg Harrington

2nd-Howard’s Bandit, FC Buddy’s Iron Eagle x Dan’s Brandy,

Owner/Handler: Dan VanSickle

3rd-Snotop’s Blazin Butch, FC Sparkling Brook Toby x FC Fancy Track Little Trailblazer, Owner: Shawn Snow, Handler: Gino Casseri

4th-Lang’s Little Eddie, FC Flat Creek Jetter II x Brinsky Tar River Danielle

Owner: Max Lang, Handler: Dan Lang

NBQ-J-Line Hunter’s Hobo, FC Yasis Brad Hunter Herring x J-Line Leivion Daphne

Owners: Jay Long & John Herring,  Handler: NA


13”   Female Class-23 Starters

Judges- Rob Kane & Kyle Pangrazio

 1st-Scutt’s Creek Miss Amanda, FC Lone Hunters Buster x Bucks Branch Gray Lilly,

Owner: James Reems,  Handler: Phillip Kallam

2nd-Honey Hollow’s Allison, FC Honey Hollow’s Elvis x Honey Hollow’s Faith,

Owner/ Handler: Catherine Slocum

3rd-Flat Creek Mary Jane, FC Flat Creek Jetter II x Bone Hollow Bad Cactus Jacke,

Owner/Handler: Phillip Kallam

4th-Mahantango Valley Missy, FC Kotch’s Moss Glen Tucker x FC Moss Glen Diamond Lily, Owner/ Handler: Jared Shade

NBQ-Swamp Bottom Tina, FC Willow Run Mica x Hansen’s Mary

Owner/Handler: Terry Haskins



15” Female Class-13 Starters

Judges- John Jarzynski & Bruce McNeilly

 1st-Beaver Meadow Hattie, Valley View Spinner II x FC Briarpatch Black Willow

Owner: Robert Sweet/ Handler: Josh Herring

2nd-Willies Penny Candy, FC D&L Bobo x FC Willies Double Copper Penny

Owner/Handler: Eric Mahan

3rd-Sarah Lee Clark, Hutson’s Big Shooter x Gracie Girl II

Owner/Handler: Lana Clark

4th-Harrington’s Music Maker, FC Hacksaws Boy Boomer x FC Chester Little Julie

Owner/Handler: Jack Frank

NBQ-Huck’s Run Shoot Em Up Maggie, FC Main Man Tucker x Mick’s Shoot Em Up Bonnie, Owners: Mike Johnson & Dave Johnson/Handler: NA


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